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December 20, 2019                                  EMAIL:


Nationwide Judgment Recovery, Inc. has been assigned the rights to the judgments obtained against the ZeekRewards Net Winners by the court appointed receiver. The notice of sale and transfer has been sent to all Net Winners by the receiver in the case. You will also receive a notice from Nationwide Judgment Recovery, Inc. notifying you of the sale of your judgment.

If you are a Net Winner in the ZeekRewards case, we would like to hear from you. Below you will find information pertaining to the case, including links to the official receiver’s website(s). Please be aware that a judgment has been entered against you already. The balance you owe may change daily as interest is added and additional legal fees could accrue.




Are you already aware of the judgment and you just want to pay it off?  You can contact us and pay over the telephone, or you can pay online using our payment portal.

You can also access your account with us (and documentation) by using the link on the home page top right menu – ACCOUNT ACCESS.


ZeekRewards Net Winner Class Website

Civil Action No. 3:14-cv-0091
United States District Court
Western District of North Carolina (Charlotte Division)



The receiver in the case obtained judgments against ZeekRewards Net Winners and published a list of Net Winners on their website. If you are a Net Winner, you have received notice(s) from the receiver as to the progress in the case and are aware that a judgment was obtained against you.

Get in touch with us to resolve your judgment.





Answers to some basic questions – the receiver has put together an FAQ:

Receiver’s Net Winner website located at:

For additional information and more recent updates from the receiver in the case, visit: